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Monday 4 March 2013

RAWR! Dinosaur Fashion and Accessories

Dinosaurs have been stomping around making the place look epic since before fashion was invented (although it's probably a good job fashion wasn't invented - can you IMAGINE trying to fit a T-Rex for a suit, with its tiny little arms? Actually, these are the sorts of things I imagine all the time).

Anyway, they look awesome. And I want them about my person as often as possible, so I've been hunting for dinosaur goodies.

This search was prompted when I found the ASOS dinosaur cuff, above. It may be £25, but for the kick-arse jewels twinned with fancy gold dinosaurs make it sorely tempting. Besides, wearing cuffs makes you look all heroic.

Etsy wades in on the dinosaur wrist adornment shenanigans with this: a dinosaur and ice cream bracelet! Can you think of a better combination? It's wonderful, and comes courtesy of Glasgow-based shop stellamystar. You can grab it for £15 plus £1 UK postage.

Etsy also comes up trumps with necklaces - there are a lot of dinosaur necklaces out there, but I was most charmed by IndianBlue's Triceratops necklace (even though I had to check the spelling of that three times). The picture is a print of an original miniature painting by shop owner Sam! It's £12 with £1.20 postage.

Discount dinosaurs! Debenhams have discounted this 'Word Up' dinosaur t-shirt by 20%, so it's now only £12.80. Look, the fella on the left has lightning bolt makeup. Lady Gaga dinosaurs are remarkably ahead of their time. If you prefer more subtle dino-patterns, New Look do a bargain £9.99 dinosaur print t-shirt too.

Folksy has a gem of a shop called DesignosaurYEAH. This is the Allosaurus brooch (ooh, actual science!), but he has been named Al for short. He's £6 with £2 delivery, but you don't have to have him in cherrywood: he also comes in loads of acrylic colours.

Lastly, it's back to Etsy again, and I'll show you for why: dancing flowery dinosaurs shopper! Mr. Dinosaur is wearing a top hat! Miss Dinosaur is wearing a bow! That's an awful lot of exclamation  marks for something that is £12.50 with £1.50 postage.  We have Miss Potter Makes to thank for this creation.

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  1. Feeling the need to buy that dinosaur tote immediately! Love, love, love!

    Vicky x


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