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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Bluebelle & Co

I genuinely can't say HOW MUCH I want this flamingo hip flask (£12.99)
 I've been doing a Saturday course in Brighton for the last few weeks. Despite the weather being utterly dreadful, and not having the time to explore the sea front due to evening jaunts back in London, I have loved my early morning trips down south.

This is in great part due to my having to walk down the mindbogglingly brilliant Trafalgar Street to get to my bus: it's filled with gorgeous shops crammed with antiques, clothes and beautiful things; a vinyl shop called The Wax Factor that backs on to another BRILLIANTLY named vinyl shop called The Singles Bar.

I die. Every time I walk down that street.

Last week I finished my work early (swot), so having extra time to fill before my train I spent all of it in Bluebelle & Co. This gorgeous shop has a massive section devoted to baby and child clothes, which I didn't pay much attention to - sorry goddaughter - and a fantastic collection of beautiful bags, purses, cushions, quilts and home accessories by Disaster Designs that made me do little swoops. You know, when you see something super gorgeous and you swoop on it, often with a little cry, like you are an eagle grabbing hold of dinner, except dinner is exquisitely made and has straps.
Seabreeze weekend bag - was £56.99, now £35

Luckily for those of us who either don't live in Brighton, or never go there, they have an even more enormous online shop which is just fantastic.

This beautiful see a penny, pick it up wallet is £22.99. I bought it for my friend Suanne's 30th this weekend - ssh, don't tell her! The penny is stitched on to the leather, as is the ribbon, and it just feels gorgeous and full of promise. The shop assistant changed a 5p for me so I could put an actual penny inside the wallet for Suanne's own good luck.

What I love about all these wallets is that they are well-made and have lots of nice fun things carrying on inside. This Pretty City wallet (also £22.99) manages to pin loads of London icons onto it without being at all tacky - miracles! They do exist!
I'm wedded to my Scrabble thermos, but this lovely insulated flask is really beautiful - and it says you're just my cup of tea on it, which makes me go a bit gooey inside. Just like the cheesecake I made over the weekend, mmm.

These one-sized sequin moccasins fit sizes 3 to 7. No good for me, but I couldn't be without my slipper boots and seeing as these are £13.79 in the sale, down from £22.99, neither should you be!
This Wild Wood make-up bag is £10, down from £16.99 and it makes me grin just to look at it. The zip is an acorn, for crying out loud! It's like bloody Spring in a bag!

This sugar coated owl small porcelain plate is just £4.99. I don't even have the words for HOW MUCH I adore this plate. It's flipping amazing. Tweet tweet tweet! Argh. Breakdown imminent. Argh.


  1. I'm in love with the owl plate! So inexpensive, too. GREAT find!

  2. Kat, if you've got enough time to stop for breakfast, I heartily recommend Mange Tout which is two doors down from Bluebelle & Co. and Bread & Milk for coffee. Also Trafalgar Wines is a treasure trove of interesting booze to take home!

    1. Oh I am DYING to try Mange Tout and Bread & Milk! They're never open when I go past in the morning (8.30am if you please) and buzzing when I'm on the way back for the train. I hadn't seen Trafalgar Wines though, I'm getting on to google right now. Thank you Alex, splendid recommendations!


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