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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Bee And Dragonfly Glassware by La Rochere

Bee stemmed glass, £5.50
We're rather fond of the humble bee here at Sluttery HQ. And we're rather fond of lovely glassware so when the two combine, it's like a happy alignment of planets or something. French glass company La Rochere are the creators of such a combination. This stemmed glass looks rather grand but also rather simple which is an impressive feat. I want to drink mead from it which is most appropriate.
Bee carafe, £35
Mead poured from this carafe. I love carafes - they make the dining table seem refined even when you're serving up leftovers from the night before.

Want something equally summery but not so buzzy? Dragonflies are the way forward.
Dragonfly tumbler, £5
I don't think there's a drink associated with dragonflies so maybe I'll just drink water out of this tumbler. Or elderflower cordial which seems summery enough to fit with flitting dragonflies. There's a dragonfly carafe too.
Dragonfly carafe, £14
Sadly, though perhaps practically, La Rochere don't ship outside France but luckily for us all of these pieces are available at John Lewis.

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