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Monday 4 March 2013

Top Ten Meringue Recipes

For all its fanciness, meringue is actually pretty easy to whip up. And it looks really nice too, like you've made loads of effort when all you've really done is whisk some eggs. Meringue has the added benefit of being gluten free, so most of recipes will suit a GF diet. Here are our top ten meringue recipes.

Chocolate-covered meringue. This is our simple base recipe for meringue. One you've made this a couple of times, you can make any meringue you want.

Cherry and amaretto roulade. There aren't many flavour combinations that work together quite so perfectly as cherry and almond.

Berry pavlova cake (pictured, looking bloody brilliant). It's half cake, half pavlova. Fully brilliant.

Baked Alaska. It's a feat of magic, but the ice cream does indeed stay frozen.

Snowstorm cupcakes. Sick of frosting? Top your cakes with meringue instead.

Raspberry, rose and pistachio vacherin. Seriously, is there a prettier pudding? Nope.

Chocolate pavlova. An Aussie wrote this recipe, and they are the very best at making pavlova. Trust them. And there's a Christmas pavlova recipe as well.

Day of the Dead macarons. Laura B's macarons are amazing. We've got a chocolate macaron recipe as well.

Eton Mess. If it all buggers up, you bash everything up and make Eton Mess.

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