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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Plus Size Shopping: Girly treats to brighten up Easter

There is something about Easter that brings out the cutesy in me. I go a bit Stepford Wife, imagining myself cooking a leg of lamb whilst dressed in a 50s frock with a polka dot apron, dancing around my country kitchen to music written by Cole Porter. The truth is I'll probably be in my PJs, shoving something into the slow cooker in my tiny kitchenette, with Britney blaring in the background. But let's entertain the myth a little bit with this fortnight's plus size picks, a crop of Spring-like dresses that will brighten up what's looking to be a bit of a dull, miserable weekend. Most of these will work just as well right now with black tights and a blazer as they will with bare legs and wedges later in the year.

Lady Vintage, a brand I know a lot of Domestic Sluts will be familiar with, have just bought out a new line of beautiful limited edition plus size dresses, modelled by the one and only Georgina. They come in sizes 16 - 28 and there are loads of great prints available, my fave is this red rose print (£50). Everyone should have a Lady Vintage dress in their wardrobe. I have four.

Grab yourself a bargain with this Ruby Rocks butterfly print dress, which is down to £33 (saving £22) in sizes 14 - 32 at Simply Be. The lower collar is a bit more wearable than full-on peter pan collars which I know many people think are best left to Alexa Chung. As for the print...who doesn't love butterflies? Actually, don't answer that.

It's bright yellow, it's got birds on it...the only way this frock could be more Easter-appropriate is if those birds were actual chicks, but we can't have everything. This zip-detail cap sleeved dress is from AX Paris Curve, yours for a tiddly £17.99 in sizes 16 - 26 (though stock is limited as it's in the sale).
Now for a bit of pastel, which the kids at work tell me is 'bang on trend' this season. Modcloth have come up with the goods (a lot cheaper than usual, too) with this lovely lace insert 'Rosemary to the Occasion' dress, for $49.99 (they ship internationally). Sizing seems to be a bit odd on this one, but the brilliant customer reviews should make it easier for you to work out how many X's you need!

Finally, it's the Pretty Woman dress! £35 will get you this fab homage to Vivian's famous polka dot polo dress, available in sizes 16 - 28. Nothing says Spring like polka dots (except maybe some SUN??!) and this Yours Clothing number is a total bargain. It's such a timeless shape I couldn't resist!


  1. I want to recommend some plus-size clothing which isn't so girly with flower prints (because some people may like it more edgy), and it's the Danish online brand Carmakoma. They're not cheap, but their sales seem good. I haven't bought anything yet (just drooled at my screen), perhaps you could do a review? ~ Siouxsie

    1. Thanks Siouxsie! They look like such a lovely brand. We actually tend to stick to UK shops and companies, but we'll definitely keep an eye on them!

    2. Thansk Siany! Do you, or anyone else, know of a UK brand that does similar clothes to Carmakoma? Hopefully cheaper...~ Siouxsie

  2. Love that Carmakoma brand, thanks for the tip! Not many places do modern plus size, it seems like non-UK countries are better at it unfortunately. Most of the online shops, like FashionWorld etc, seem incredibly expensive for very cheap, dated looking stuff. And Evans is just dated. I hope to see more choice on the actual high street, one day. Great that domesticsluttery is doing this feature regularly now, it gives us hope that there is young, current clothing to be found! Elle.

  3. I'm so excited to see that you are now doing a regular plus sized feature! I appreciate it so much, most of the really popular UK blogs seem to stick to the normal high street chains that go no bigger than a 16 so to have a blog I keep track of start featuring clothing makes that do my size is fabulous! Good work DS's!!!!!


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