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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Fierce Fascinators: GG's Pinup Couture on Etsy

Last week, Sian showed you some fantastic fascinators (a crown! A CROWN) and then - purely by chance - I think I've stumbled on something equally brilliant to put on your head in public.

A wonderful woman called Gail Mitchell in Cardiff runs a store called GG's on Etsy, and it's staggeringly good. That peacock fascinator at the top of this post is one of the most elaborate things I've seen. Okay, it's £94.92, but have you seen how beautiful it looks on that model? I'd probably wear more clothes than that to a wedding, though.

Most of her pieces are much more purse-friendly. This glittery dinosaur fascinator is £27.12, and is what led me to stumble upon her page in the first place.

A scorpion. A gold scorpion. I cannot think of a more badass fascinator. It's £21.69.

A bohemian cherry blossom display. I can't even. It's £63.73 and takes a week to make. Imagine wearing that to a summer wedding.

If you like flowers but, well, less of them, you may well fall in love with the red rose and lovebirds fascinator. The best part is this one is only £9.49. I KNOW.

Gail does so many designs, including some glorious headscarves too, and seems to be adding products all the time. So more of my friends better get married off, and pronto.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing surprise! Thank you so much for blogging about my work xxx


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