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Wednesday 21 April 2010

Ask the Sluts: How can I make a small room bigger?

My living room is tiny. Teeny teeny tiny. I live in a big house, but with a converted living room. Meaning lots of natural light and space for me in my bedroom, but the smallest living room in the world.

Now, there's two things you can do when you've got a small room. You can embrace the size, and make something all cosy and homely (my chosen option), or you can try and make it look bigger. The cosy option is easier. Darker colours, candles, lots and lots of layering. Think scatter cushions, throws, blankets. All at once. Somewhere that you want to curl up in. Your favourite books, somewhere for your cuppa, and just enough space for someone else, should you want to do some snuggling up.

But there's more to making a room look bigger. Try these tips:
  • Add mirrors. Everywhere. One large mirror will work better, but if you want to play about, lots of different sized mirrors will look great. It's your room, you can still decorate it how you want.
  • Paint with lighter colours. White is the obvious option, but make sure you're playing with texture so you don't make the space look clinical. Blue can look cold, so be careful.
  • Get savvy with storage. This is important. If you can get one storage unit in a small room, make it one with more than on function. A coffee table with drawers, an ottoman with storage space. If you want a big room, you need to avoid clutter.
  • If it's possible, the same colour walls and furniture will make your room look bigger. This works particularly well with different textures so have a play about.
  • Lots of glass will help, as will lots of natural light. Make the most of that light.
  • Tidy up! Sorry, but if you've got a small room, you've got to keep it tidy. Especially the floor. The less stuff on the floor, the more space you'll appear to have. So pick up those magazines.
Don't forget. You can't change the space you've got, but you can make the most of it. Got something you need our help with? Email us and we'll do our best to help!

Flickr image from ironchefbalara's photostream.


  1. I live in a studio flat and have become mildly storage-obsessed! My bed mattress lifts up like a chest to store stuff inside. My largeish footstool stores papers inside and is firm enough to be my coffee table. Everything is multi-functional, like my TV with built in DVD and IPod dock.

  2. Love posts about small spaces! Thank you!

  3. When I lived at home my bedroom was absolutely tiny. But having light-coloured walls, a built-in wardrobe and high shelving helped loads.


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