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Wednesday 21 April 2010

Jeeves & Wooster Bowler Hat Lights

Those clever people at Rockett St George have managed to track down the quirkiest lighting I've seen in some time. These Bowler Hat Lights (£150) are made from genuine wool hats and can be hung up to two metres from the ceiling.

I'd be tempted to hang several along the hallway. And then make all my guests pose at least once beneath them.


  1. I've seen these before; I love them! This is just the Jeeves - the Wooster is a top hat. I want one of each in my downstairs loo with faux bookcase wallpaper! Of course, I need to have a house with a downstairs loo first, and source that paper...

  2. The problem with these lamps is that they look better when there are loads! But they are too pricey :-(


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