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Wednesday 28 April 2010

Post-it with the mostest

With all the election coverage you may have missed the important news that Post-it notes are 30 this year. It's a very happy birthday to those little sticky pieces of yellow paper that help us remember to buy milk, remind us to send an email or aid us in passing rude comments to colleagues when in meetings. Since 1980 we've been bombarded with technology to help us do those very same tasks but we remain stuck on Post-its. They're looking good for their age too, with variations available for every taste in stationery.

The Genius pad is made of giant 30cm square Post-it notes and is perfect for big ideas or REALLY LARGE handwriting. You can buy it from the Design Museum shop for £7.50.

Here the Post-it reveals that it too was a child of the 80s with the scented lips design pad. Yes, not only is it in the shape and colour of hot pink lips, it's scented too. My inner 13 year old finds that hugely pleasing. And at £1.99 a pack I might even have been able to afford them back then. When using these, I'll be sure to make all the dots on my 'i's into hearts in true eighties style. Maybe I'll sip on a Fuzzy navel as well.

If you don't want to be square, try these Geometry Post-its at Present & Correct. They come in the 9 different options shown and, with a little imagination, think of the images and pretty patterns you could build with these. Prices range between £4.25 to £4.75 for a pad. If you're really bored at work you could always start working out their combined surface area or something.

As we know, they didn't exist in the 50s but surely these Cavallini sticky notes are the Mad Men of the Post-it world? You get eight different pads in a tin, each pad decorated with lovely retro images of stationery, telephones and typewriters. The set costs £9.25 from Papernation.

Can you stick it? Thanks to Post-its, yes you can.


  1. I'm Soooo excited you wrote about post-its. They are amongst my favorite things (right along side my stapleless stapler lol). I was considering doing a blog post today on them as well but went with Golden Girls ;) LOVE the geometry layout - it is post it art!

  2. Who knew Post-Its could be so exciting? Love the last one.

  3. I'd love to send flowers and use for cards these Post-It arts. The one with the telephone illustration's really good.


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