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Friday 16 April 2010

Smart Women Recipe Cards

You might remember us showing you some pretty ways to keep your favourite recipes - well to complement my lovely binder, these fantastic 'Smart Women Share Their Recipes Gladly' cards arrived for my recent birthday. Bearing slogans like "Smart Women...defrost...use bread crusts...thump melons" they're £3.50 for 24. Use them for recipes you want to keep yourself or to pass on to your friends!

Though the Smart Women are actually based in the US, those equally clever ladies at Tatty Devine spotted these and now stock a number of their products in the UK.

This magnetic notepad, also available from Tatty Devine, is £3.75. Stick it on your fridge and use it to make a ongoing list of things you run out of as you cook, then tear it off and take it to the supermarket. It's just sort of thing that very smart (and organised) women do.

It also saves all that cursing when you get home and remember you needed eggs.


  1. You've read my mind... I have been needing recipe cards for an age. Wish I could have them with a sweet little box too. Fed up of post its dropping out of recipe books and often need the whole book for just one recipe.
    Brillo, if you find a box let me know :)

  2. Hi Mrs Lee - have a look at Under 'Storage to Organise' they have two sizes of Photo box - should fit index cards perfectly and are available in a number of patterns for £13.95


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