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Friday 23 April 2010

The Dizzy Flea Tea Cup Candles

Any company with a name like 'The Dizzy Flea' is already a winner in my book, but add to this incredibly pretty vintage china cups filled with 15-hour burning soy candles and you've got me drooling. Even better are the ridiculously cheap prices (that flea must be crazy, as well as suffering from vertigo):

This fresh cornflower blue and white Minton style will set you back a mere £6.99 (including your choice of scented candle). It's been reduced as the cup has a chip; quite literally 'cheap as chipped'.

And this gold-tipped pink floral pairing will add a bit of cheery chintz to any Welsh Dresser (or worn-out worktop) for just £9.99 - again with your choice of scented candle.

You can choose from delicious aromas like jasmine and vanilla, freesia or, if your nostrils are on the delicate side, the unscented variety.

With a range extending to tea cup trios, platters and milk-jugs, I just want to buy everything - it's all too wonderfully gorgeous. Everything a kitchen dreamed of.


  1. I'd like to know where companies that make these gorgeous candles source their teacups from? I'm endlessly doing searches on e-bay for vintage or antique teacups and while they're not necessarily mega-expensive the postage charged is often more than the teacup. Any ideas?

  2. I wish I knew Melanie! I've been meaning to make my own teacup candles myself, but I think I might just buy these instead. They are adorable and a decent price.

  3. I pick mine up in charity shops for about 80p for the cup and saucer. That's quite a hit and miss approach, mind, and you have to go regularly to spot the new stuff! x

  4. Vintage Heaven on Columbia Road is perfect for this (I thought I'd done a piece on it already, but apparently not). They sell all kinds of vintage china and cups and saucers. There's even a little tearoom out back.

  5. Also, excellent cheap as chipped pun.

  6. You can sometimes still get bargain cups on Ebay, but a lot of people are pricing them higher these days. Like Natalie, I find charity shops better, but you sometimes have to search hard for them.

    The ones you've featured are lovely and very tempting!

  7. Oh, I meant to say in the post, that the candles aren't featured in the images, as they add the candles to your aroma specifications.

    And thanks for the pun praise, Siany. You know I can't resist an amusing quip and that was too good an opportunity to miss! x


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