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Friday 9 April 2010

Fernandez & Leluu's Supper Club with Jim Haynes

Have you seen that After Eight advert? You know, the one with the dinner party that looks tremendous fun hosted by a man called Jim Haynes? It turns out that Jim Haynes wasn't invented by a marketing team but is 100% real and has been running an underground supper club every Sunday for the last thirty years.

Earlier this week thanks to Qype and After Eight, Jim came from Paris to attend one such event hosted by Simon and Uyen (who we interviewed in our newsletter), the fabulous duo behind Fernandez & Leluu's Supper Club. A few Domestic Sluts were lucky enough to join the party - and with delicious food, cocktails and lovely company, what a party it was!

With 40 people crammed into Simon and Uyen's gorgeous London flat, a sit-down meal wasn't an option. Instead they took the lead from Jim, who believes that eating standing up is the way to go. That way everyone gets to mingle and chat. Mastering the art of balancing a cocktail whilst trying to eat a dish of fantastic food is an advantage.

Luckily the starter, which included a Vietnamese spring roll, crispy summer rolls and a mini prawn cocktail made for easy eating. It was also the best Vietnamese food I'd ever had:

The main course of beef carpaccio, white wine mushrooms and garlicky mash potato was a bit tougher to eat with one hand. But nobody batted an eyelid when we ate our slices of beef in one delicious mouthful. Nom!

A special mention has to go to our mixologist, Johan from DrinksFusion, who kept everyone cocktailed-up. I can confirm that the Peach Bellinis, Spring Tom Collins and Rose Club cocktails were delicious. And probably responsible for many a hurty head the next day:

Finally we were presented with the dessert of baked croissant in white chocolate, whisky and raisins with summer fruits. Pretty much sex in a glass:

Unless you're capable of deciphering sentences punctuated with sighs of foodie pleasure, don't attempt a conversation whilst eating one of those.

Though a lot of people in the room were strangers to one another, the whole event felt like a really good dinner party. Not only do Fernandez & Leluu cook amazing food, they were fantastic hosts. A couple of Domestic Sluts have been lucky enough to pay a few visits to their Supper Club, and I can't wait to visit myself.

To book a place at Fernandez & Leluu's Supper Club, visit their blog. Fancy going to Jim Haynes' dinner party next time you're in Paris? Check out his website.

Awesome photos by Kang from London Eater and sianysianysiany's flickr photostream.


  1. ARG! DS you've committed a cardinal sin... "Next time your in Paris"?

  2. Small typo maybe, but a cardinal sin? Possibly not.

    Changed now, we'll get back to committing other cardinal sins like staying out too late at supper clubs :-)

  3. I have heard so much about this bloody event over the past few days from practically EVERYONE I KNOW on Twitter than I am now determined to visit Fernandez & Leluu's Supper Club next time I'm in London. The food and ambience in these pictures looks absolutely divine.

  4. Oh - and to qualify that statement, I don't mean 'bloody event' in a bad way, I mean 'bloody event' in that I am hoppingly jealous about the fact that I wasn't there. ;)

  5. It was so much fun! Miss Cay, will you tell us reports of supper clubs up north? There must be a few up there!


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