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Thursday 22 April 2010

Cocktail Hour: Rules, Covent Garden

Given the amount of cocktails I've tried, and the amount of bars in London I've experienced, you're going to be hard pushed to shock me now. I'm not easily impressed when it comes to cocktails (as Idlewild discovered last weekend). Cocktails aren't just about throwing some stuff together and being done with it. They're very much an art in their own right. And I haven't found many places that really understand the art of cocktail making.

But then I went to Rules.

Rules is an institution. Is it the oldest restaurant in London? Dating back to 1798, some would say so. But that gives you an idea of the style already. Forget shiny and modern, this place is classically British. There's a bit of a twist, so expect chaise lounges and fancy tables. This place is chic, no doubting that. But Rules proves that old fashioned tradition can be a good thing. Upstairs at Rules is the cocktail bar, and that's where the magic happens (although I hear very good things about the food as well).

Created by Brian Silva (who is frankly cocktail royalty) there's just 10 cocktails featured on the menu. Only 10?! Madness, surely! Well, it's really not. Because they're not only brilliant, but you will find (at least) one that you'll like without being confused and overwhelmed. I tried a pear and champagne concoction which tasted wonderful. And it's a nice change to have real champagne instead of the cheap stuff.

But the highlight for me (aside from the wonderful service?) the Chorus Girl No4 cocktail. I've never had frangelico before and I feel like it's been forever missing from my life. I can't remember much else of what was in my drink, but it tasted of French pastries. Really. The lovely barmaid summed it up perfectly when she said "you want to eat your drink, don't you?" I really really did. It was possibly the best cocktail I've ever had.

A cocktail here will set you back £11.50 or so. It's really not an everyday kind of place. But that makes it all the more special. You have to sneak in through the restaurant to get there, and it feels like a very special little secret. And considering just how hit and miss the cocktail bars in Covent Garden are, this place will blow you away.

Rules is the best cocktail bar I've ever been to in London. In fact, anywhere. I might not get to come here very often, but I can't wait to go back.

Rules is on Maiden Lane, Covent Garden. Nearest tube is probably Charing Cross, but Holborn and Covent Garden are really close too, so you've got no excuse for not coming here immediately.


  1. Thanks for your post, its always great to hear of new exciting places like this in London, and in Convent Garden! I mean its quite touristy so I wouldn't have thought to go there. I think I'll go try the restaurant.

  2. I've heard great things about this place, but cocktails that taste of French pastries? Heaven!

  3. Whew - is there no end to how much places can charge for a cocktail. I guess if they're REALLY good it's worth it. However, definitely out of the reach of average wage earning plebs like myself :-( I've always avoided frangelico in drinks as I thought it had a hazelnut flavour? I'm dead jealous!

  4. There may only be 10 cocktails on the menu, but Brian can make just about every drink in the entire world. Try him :)

  5. Only just come across this post, but I agree Brian is a legend. I've just put one of his creations on my revamped blog:

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