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Thursday 15 April 2010

Etsy Pick: Mr Darcy Proposal Mug by Brookish

It is safe to say that 'Pride and Prejudice' is possibly one of my favourite books ever. It's certainly in my Top 5. And it's also safe to say that faced with a day off and no plans, I can generally be found watching the boxset of the BBC version. You know, with Colin Firth and THAT scene? Now most people think of him trudging along all wet from an impromptu swim. I think of the scene when Mr Darcy first proposes to Elizabeth. It's all urgent and passionately swoonsome.

Lovely Etsy seller Brookish obviously thinks so too and has created this mug featuring the opening line. Though on a mug you could be expressing your ardent love for tea or coffee or gin, it's up to you.

The mug costs $15 plus $10.95 shipping outside the US (I've just bought one and it worked out at just over £17)


  1. I LOVE this. I don't even like Jane Austen.

  2. Jane Austen bores me to tears, but that BBC Pride & Prejudice box adaptation is up there with Sex & The City as one of my favourite box sets.

  3. I just wrote a 4,000 word essay on the importance of Darcy's romantic gaze in the book and the BBC adaptation. I don't mind telling you it got a bit saucy. This mug is a MUST for my collection.

  4. My friend recently celebrated her 30th with a marathon session of the P&P box set - this would have been the perfect present if only I'd seen it in time. I'll have to save it for her 31st!

  5. I'm currently watching the box set in the evening, and reading P&P before bed. *lol* Now how's THAT for addiction?

  6. Reading Austen at uni bored me almost to death. (Why say three words when three paragraphs will do,ey Ms Austen?)But Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in that BBC adaptation? Yes please!

    *goes off dreaming off hunky men in wet shirts and boots...*

    Oh and the mug is very cute too!

  7. I could die without this. And the Pemberley shirt. It's on the list of things I will die without.

    Leigh Clements
    Shot In The Dark Mysteries


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