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Friday 9 April 2010

Blogs we love: Oh Joy!

Oh Joy! Is a really unique blog. Rather than having a very specific theme, it covers all sorts of areas, and shows you the best bits. Daily snippets of inspiration. About everything. Whether it's a stunning Tim Walker print, or the wonderful This & That series, there's always something that catches me eye. Little things that make my day prettier. Oh Joy! isn't the kind of blog you'll read for complete home makeovers. It's about all the little touches that make design special. And actually, they're my favourite bits.

It's run by graphic designer Joy Deandeeleart Cho and it's updated with pretty things three times a day. I dip in every now and again, looking at the posts that catch my eye. I like how easy it is. It's not the kind of blog that you'll spend hours reading, but your day will be brighter from having a little snoop in the archives.


  1. My favourite blogs are ones without too tight a theme too - I try to keep mine different as much as possible, just following things like what inspires me and what things I want!

    I also love her this & that concept - so simple but it works brilliantly. The design of the blog is great too - not surprising she's a graphic designer. I'm totally subscribing right now.

  2. Me too! The this & that series is inspired. Especially when I've seen the two items separately and it didn't occur to me to put them together.


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