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Thursday 8 April 2010

Kumquats and crayons: Pencil fruit basket

Forget the stereotype of the artist starving in their garret and feed both your creativity and your body with this pencil fruit basket.

It's one of those 'oh-so-simple but I'd have never have thought of it myself' ideas. The basket is made from a solid beech base into which you slot pencils to form a lattice to contain the fruit. They fit in various ways and formations meaning hours of fun should ensue before you even pick up one of the pencils. And, if you're suffering from an artistic block, you save yourself a forlorn journey to the kitchen with some healthy snacks on hand.

This nifty idea is designed by Stephen Bretland, one of the people behind Loglike. They design and make most of their products at an idyllic sounding Welsh location where I'm sure they are fuelled by a constantly replenished fruit supply. This basket costs £45 which includes your first 24 colouring pencils. Pass me the orange...


  1. I think it's a much prettier and wittier take on the normal fruit basket - and if you ever had to do a still life of a fruit bowl for art homework, it would make your life a whole lot easier! I guess you could also try lots of different things in the slots instead of pencils - straws maybe, or chopsticks, or...clearly I'm now beginning to get a bit carried away!


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