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Monday 19 April 2010

Star Wars plates - afternoon tea just got kitsch!

Q: What do you do when one part of you brain is screaming "Chintz! Shabby chic! Vintage teacups!" and the other replies "Sci-fi! Star Wars! GEEKERY!"?

A: Buy these plates from Etsy seller BeatUpCreations, first discovered by one of my fave blogs, Daddy Likey.

I don't even know where to begin with these. They're kitsch brilliance! My nan used to collect those old-fashion picture plates that hung on the wall, and I was mesmerized by them as a child. Imagine these as a tongue-in-cheek modern day alternative. I'd definitely use them as art, not crockery. I refuse to eat cake off a Wookiee.

But doesn't stop at just Star Wars. It gets even better. Look!

Needless to say, you can't put food on this one after midnight, and you can never get it wet. If you do, I can only assume it turns into this...

Yeah. I have photoshop...


  1. something about this is SO irresistible!

    kitschy to the MAX! i love them!!!

  2. Bwahahahahah! That. Is. Awesome.


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