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Friday 16 April 2010

Kitchen Clutter Nested Away

There's been lots of reorganisation going on in my not-enormous flat, especially in the kitchen. In theory it's just to declutter, but really it's because I'm trying to justify space for a KitchenAid (Hah, I wish...) but also seem to be acquiring a lot of baking equipment, ahem. So I have to find ways of saving space wherever I can.
After managing with a single mixing bowl for ages - lots of mid-recipe washing up - I wanted at least two to make life simpler. The bright red colour of this trio of John Lewis melamine bowls, £25 was the first thing that attracted me - plus the fact that they stack neatly inside each other. There's a non-stick ridge on the bottom to stop them skirting around the counter too.

Lakeland have these Stellar Eazi Stacking Pans, £89.99. They'll only take up the same space as a single 20cm pan, which is ingenious.

In the Debenhams sale, I found these slimline Salter scales for £12.80. It weighs in metric or imperial, as well as fluid ounces which can be really useful. Perhaps not as pretty as my Typhoon retro-style scales, currently available for the princely sum of £12.50, but these are much more accurate for baking. Happily, they take up almost no cupboard space at all.

Next up I'll be looking for something to hold herbs and spices, preferably wall-mounted so I can reclaim the large amount of cupboard space they're taking up at the moment. This Large Magnetic Spice Rack is on sale at A Place For Everything, it's £64 down from £98 and made from stainless steel. If I have enough wall space for it. Perhaps a row of their small linear ones, £35, would work as well. They could go on the side of the fridge like the ultimate magnets.

Most of this current reorganisation was inspired by the genius Smitten Kitchen - I'm coveting her spice bottles but know they won't fit. Do you have any ingenious ideas for maximising your kitchen space? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I got a set of those red bowls from TK Maxx for a tenner ;-]

  2. I must give my local TK Maxx another go in that case! It always seems to have the most random stuff, but maybe I just need to go more often.

  3. I'd recommend you check out the "Nest 8" from Joseph It's this fab set for baking that stacks together and includes everything from a mixing bowl to measuring spoons. I was lucky enough to receive one as a wedding present last year.

  4. The spice rack is gorgeous buuuutttt.... it's not very good for the spices as they're exposed to light and therefore spoil more quickly


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