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Wednesday 28 April 2010

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Yesterday, to jazz up the fact that my hair was in a pony tail (a very rare thing for me), I grabbed a nearby flower clip on my way out. I've now come to the conclusion that wearing flowers in your hair makes you happier. Apparently there's no sciencey stuff to prove this, but it worked for me.

This cherry blossom comb is meant for weddings, but I think it would look great for any occasion. It's $25 from Emily Wooton's lovely Etsy shop, but you'll have to pay $7 shipping too.

This bright pink flower headband from Miss Selfridge is simple, but it'll do the trick. It's only £6 too.

Flowers and pearls go perfectly together. This hairband from Topshop will look lovely with a summery dress.

Looking for something more extravagant? This lilac flower garland from ButterfliesWing on Etsy is certainly a show stopper. It's $40 with $8 shipping. Still, it's my favourite of the bunch.

Flowers in your hair make you smile. Fact.


  1. Very disappointed that the cherry blossom is sold out.... so pretty!

  2. Oh no! It sold today! Maybe one of our other readers snapped it up? There's some other lovely pieces though - see if anything else catches your eye.

  3. Yep, flowers in hair are the best. I use them when I'm wearing a plain outfit or can't be bothered to do my hair properly.


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