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Friday 30 April 2010

Folksy Find: TikiTearaway

Whilst looking for flowers to put in my hair, I stumbled across TikiTearaway on Folksy. Now I don't want flowers in my hair! I want birds and fruit and pretty things! Look:

I want bird clips in my hair. Yes, you may insert a birds nest joke here. It's often true. This little fella is £5.25.

I want owls too. Lots of owls in my hair. Gimme. They're £6.25 and so cute!

Dearest TikiTearaways, please make more of these cherry clips! Stop being out of stock! I want cherries to go in my hair, and frankly, £5 is a bargain.

Expect to always see my with something silly in my hair now.


  1. You should check out - they have cherries too, but on alice bands. And lovelylovely flowers, and brilliant customer service - love them!

  2. Aloha! Emily here from TikiTearaway HQ!

    just a quick message to say that after a huge battle and 2 months of misery the cherries are finally back...


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