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Wednesday 7 April 2010

Lunchbox Lust: Built NY

It's possibly that time of year when there's been rather a lot of chocolate consumption going on - and oh, how very good it was too - and deep down inside some little voice says "Right! I know what to do! I'm going to eat salad for the rest of my life!"

Well it's not that you have to transport just the healthy options in this great tote from Built NY, but bringing your own lunch is definitely a healthy option, as well as generally saving you a few pennies. The Extra Relish Lunch Bag is made from wetsuit material - neoprene - and will keep food warm or cold for up to four hours. It's £26.51 from Bag Crazy.

And yes, I imagine it would do a fine job of keeping chocolate cool too.

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  1. Think these look fab. But dished out £20 on laptop lunch box last year and hardly used it since. Saying that,it's that time of year when we're trying to lose a few pounds(lbs!!!)in the week (to justify drinks at weekends of course)and saving some pennies to boot! Does anyone have some yummy lunch ideas to share - must be easy to put together and tasty!


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