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Thursday 15 April 2010

Picnic Time: Wine Box Tidy

Berry Red reckon that this wine box tidy is one of those things "you didn't know you needed but then wouldn't be without." And although I usually scoff cynically at those types of claims, on this occasion I'm inclined to believe them.

Hopefully, if the weather stays warm, it won't be long until we'll merrily picnicking away at every available opportunity (like the Domestic Sluttery picnic). And let's face it, although we want to watch the purse strings, we don't want to look like tramps swigging Special Brew in the park at 10am. And so, this £35 metal casing in purple or red makes things so much more chic.

Buy your box of wine from the bottom shelf at the supermarket, clip it into the box, then use the handy handle to transport it to the beach, park or wherever you fancy an outdoor tipple or two. It'd even be handy for keeping on a kitchen worktop if you don't want dinner party guests to know what brand of bargain wine you're treating them to! Not that I'd ever give guests anything but the best, of course....


  1. I'm gonna need to buy one of these.
    And one of the Bird Candle Holders.
    And the Lemonade crates.
    Frankly the only thing I'll be able to afford after that is ASDA value wine :)

  2. But you'll still have the classiest picnic in town!


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