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Thursday 29 April 2010

Book Review: Women's Institute Bread

Just the thought of bread makes me hungry. I'm a bit of a novice at baking it though, having vaguely mastered just one very basic (but very yummy) recipe by Delia Smith. Thankfully, The Women's Institute have come to the rescue with Bread by Liz Herbert.

Herbert has a no nonsense style that doesn't assume you know everything yet doesn't patronise you with explanations about mystery notions such as proving and the vagaries of different kinds of yeast. It's clearly stated that the recipes are written based on making your bread by hand but also provides instructions on how to adapt them for bread machines.

The recipes start with a basic white flour loaf before progressing to ever more complex, yet seemingly achievable, types such as flavoured foccacias and pannetones. I decided to start at the beginning and make the white loaf. The process was clear and easy and reading it felt like having had my gran scribble one of her 'secret' recipes down on the back of an envelope for me. It turned out as it should and barely lasted the afternoon!

Herbert has also featured a lot of wheat, yeast and gluten free recipes which are always useful to have. I'm definitely going to work up the courage (and the practice!) to make my own pannetone at Christmas and enjoy eating through the rest of the book on the way.

Women's Institute: Bread by Liz Herbert (Simon & Schuester), currently available for £6.99 at Waterstone's

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  1. Have tweeted you a link to possibly the best recipe for no-knead bread. Have just made it for the first time, and it is divine!


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