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Friday 23 April 2010

Friday outfit fun: time to go nude!

Bet that post title got a few unsavoury characters sniffing around the Domestic Sluttery underskirts! Of course, I'm talking about this season's fleshy tones, but if you fancy wearing nothing more than a pinny whilst cooking casserole in your kitchen, then knock yourself out.

Working the nude trend is easier than you think. The key to getting it right is doing the exact opposite to shopping for a new foundation: never ever match to your skin tone - you'll just look oddly washed out and very, very haggard. Olive-skinned girls can afford to go for 'barely-there' shades, but if your skin is paler than a submarine captain's bottom, you ought to stick to rosier hues.

This waist-cinching cotton dress is super-flattering in both cut and colour, plus it's got handy out-sized pockets for filling with canapés (you can never hold more than one at a time, can you?). Team with this beautiful sparkly jacket and squishy Fiorelli bag (both from Dotty P's) and you, my friend, will be looking good naked. Well, in nude tones, natch.

Break up the blush with tan footwear (I love these taupe Topshop wedges) and some cute ear ornaments. If vintage clip-on owls aren't your thing, try these bold bugs by Erica Weiner.


  1. Love the dress! And also like the idea of going for rosey shades. As I'm paler than pale all the coral/peach colours look ridiculous on me!

    Sing Clementine - surely that means you are extra lucky as you can wear all the nude shades and they will look great on you!

  2. Oooh, Sing Clementine - as Rachel said, you can get away with wearing any shade of nude but the more 'ornage' tones (e.g. peach and apricot) will look AMAZING on you. Like any of these:

    ASOS Bow Back Jersey Empire Dress

    ASOS Self Cornelli Trim Jersey Dress

    Miss Selfridge Beaded Trapeze Dress

    Miss Selfridge Lace Trim Dress

    Mmmmm, delicious! x

  3. I love the colour of that dress. I was struggling with the seasons nudes, me being paler than pale. BUT why oh why is every dress out there so short? My legs aren't hideous but they're past the point of getting the thighs out on a daily basis.


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