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Tuesday 20 April 2010

Classy Coffee: The Pink Thermo Coffee Pot

I'm definitely not a morning person. In fact, if you bother me before 11am, you're unlikely to get more than a confused scowl and a few muttered choice expletives.

But, I'm thinking that this pastel-pink coffee pot might help cheer me up in the mornings, and it'd also be good for warming up garden party guests when it starts getting dark after a hard day of picknicking. Or, for a Prohibition-era twist, use it as a cocktail pitcher for sneaky daytime drinking on the terrace.

For anyone who frets that pink plastic accessories will make them look like their living in Barbie's dream house, it's also available in blue or yellow. It's £19.50, from Pinks and Green.


  1. A lovely shape and a good price. More Barbie delights. Poor Mr.Lee

  2. Hehe, what other pink treats do you subject him to?

  3. Oh Jane,if the poor man comes home to yet another French gilt pink chair he may move out, I'll take that chance.
    Flowers, cushions, candles, bedroom, crockery. Liberace eat your heart out.
    Cripes! Just remembered, the kitchen is pink too.
    Microwave, toaster et al.

  4. Wow, that's commitment to the cause! I'm loving pink and gold chaise longue in an antique shop near me but my beloved has now taken to avoiding going anywhere near the window in an attempt to distract me!


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