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Friday 23 April 2010

Cruel Tea Mean Magnets

Of course we encourage sharing here at Domestic Sluttery, but that's assuming you intended to provide enough treats for everyone to share. Are you tired of colleagues helping themselves to your afternoon tea, your boyfriend nicking your biscuits, or the flatmates purloining your cupcakes? Stick a Cruel Tea's Mean Magnet on the fridge door, $7 for three. Then they should know to leave well alone, unless they fancy the Russian Roulette aspect of which cupcake did you treats just for you!

Cruel Tea also makes rather fabulous Rude and Retro aprons and tea cosies. Message them on Etsy to request new items if what you fancy is already sold out.

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  1. Oooh have discovered that these are made by the ladies behind Face Goop:

    Face Goop is the best make-up blog EVER. They talk about nail varnish and snail slime.


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