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Tuesday 20 April 2010

Maxwell & Williams Polka-Dot Espresso Set

I'm not an espresso drinker (if you'd seen how hyper I get after five minutes of sunshine and a Double Decker, you'd know that dosing me up with strong coffee is not the best idea), but if I were that way inclined, I'd be really rather taken with these polka-dot demi-cups, by Maxwell & Williams. They're only £2.95 each, and they're available in pink, red, black or blue. If teensy-weensy cups just aren't enough to satisfy your thirst, there are full-size versions too, along with matching bowls, teapots and eggcups. Get them from Amazon to avoid being annoyed with the M&W website and stockists like BHS, which don't seem to have the latest ranges.


  1. I found pink polka dot ones for half price in Fenwicks in Leicester today - they've got teapots and mugs as well.

  2. Good work! I'm coveting the blue ones at the moment.


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