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Monday 19 April 2010

Blogs We Love: Kingdom of Style

Kingdom of Style isn't just a damn good read, it's one of my favourite blogs in the whole of the internet (and Queen Michelle and Queen Marie are very early supporters of Domestic Sluttery, so that makes them even better).

Everything those young Queens of fashion discover is wonderful. Whether that's some snazzy studded tights, or a cushion that says Queen of Quite a Lot across it (want one immediately). Reading Kingdom of Style is a bit like being part of a club. Just one that you really don't feel cool enough to be in (that's a good thing, honest).

Kingdom of Style is mostly a fashion blog, but it doesn't feel snooty and inaccessible. It's fun, it's a bit silly, and means that I find wonderful things. Sure, I'm never going to be able to wear studded tights, but it's nice to be inspired. And their interiors section is utterly wonderful. It's all sorts of fun over there. Go and have a play in the Kingdom.

I'm also very very jealous of Queen Michelle's fringe, but I'm sure I'll get over that.


  1. Argh. I love that cushion but I'd have to unpick the last few letters and move them slightly further apart! A. Lot.

    Oh well, it gives me an excuse to make sure more people see this fantastic blog post:

  2. Having just seen your post about this on Facebook, I wanted to say that I'm reading the Kingdom of Style blog and very much enjoying it despite being momentarily distracted by the cushion! : )

  3. Thanks, Allie. It's a fab blog!


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