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Thursday 6 October 2011

Etsy Pick: we never sleep jewellery

Once upon a time, there was only one Sarah with a weird surname and everything was great. Then my friend John's friend Sarah Beaver came to stay, with her braids, dark lipstick and cool Pennsylvania ways. I had to admit defeat. My better self has an amazing jewellery line called we never sleep and here are some choice picks from her Seventies inspired collection. It's like the Beach House (swoonathon band) of accessories.

If a mere necklace can suggest a kaftan vibe, then The Supreme Forest Necklace is wafting around your legs right now full of chunky, handmade charm. And it's reduced to £64. Not cheap, I know, but this is all special and one-off. Nice paisley shirt, too.

The Sunstone Shriner's Fez necklace (no, I have no idea where she's going with these names either) is cheaper, at £31, and easier to wear if the other necklace is simply too foresty.

Or the Amos earrings (£21), which bridge the gap nicely between hipster younger sister wearing DMs in Dalston to hippyish mum who probably wore something similar back in the day.

BRB, just going to go and shout my jewellery love through her letterbox.

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