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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Bag Lust: The coolest lunch bag

Lunch bags are often very ugly things. As a rule, any bag that has a specific function is ugly. Laptop bags are finally getting a bit of a makeover (thank you, Knomo), but most of the time if your bag can do something other than hold your phone and a book for reading on the train, it's going to look like crap. Lunch bags just don't get very much love.

This is unfair. Because I like picnics.

If I'm going to go on super long walks, I need something to put my sandwiches in. Not just sandwiches, beer! This pretty insulated bag is the perfect size for carrying a few beers to accompany lunch. You could even put cheese in it. This bag has a lot of brie potential and I can't say that about any other bag that I've seen recently.

Beer and brie potential for £25 from the Design Museum.


  1. Yay for picnics I say... (& yes please to stylish bags with 'brie potential' as you so deftly put it.

  2. Well hello, this is rather nice. And it's the first lunch bag I've seen with a strap - pretty AND practical.

  3. It's really lovely, isn't it? Think of all of the things it'll carry. (Ice cream? Would it carry ice creams? That's exciting.)


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