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Monday 20 February 2012

Sluttishly Savoury: Keema

One of the joys and benefits of dating an Indian guy is the plethora of authentic, family recipes that come my way. A particular favourite meal is Keema, a fragrant and spicy minced meat dish mopped up with warm rotli (chapattis) or naan. Each member of the family has their own method for making Keema and it really is suitable for adapting to your own personal tastes.

This particular recipe is how my boyf makes Keema, but feel free to tinker with the levels of spices. I think it's crucial to add lots of fresh coriander when serving - the freshness of the herb perfectly balances the deep spiciness of the Keema.

Keema (serves 4)

You will need:
  • ¾ tbsp Coriander Seeds
  • ¾ tbsp Cumin Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Sunflower Oil
  • 2 Onions, Finely Diced
  • 5 Garlic Cloves, finely chopped
  • 1cm Fresh Ginger, finely chopped
  • 4 inches Cinnamon Sticks
  • 6 Cloves
  • 2 Cardamon Pods
  • 1tsp Tumeric
  • 1tbsp Garam Masala
  • 1 tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • 3 Birds Eye Chillis, finely chopped (number optional, add less if you like it mild)
  • 500g Lamb Mince
  • 2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Chilli Powder
  • Fresh Coriander
Make it!
  1. First make the Dhana-Jeeru (a spice mix). Dry fry coriander seeds until one of them pops. Immediately remove from the pan into a pestle and mortar. Add the cumin seeds and pound them up to a fine powder.
  2. On a medium flame heat oil in large frying pan; add onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Stir continuously until brown. Add Turmeric, Dhana-Jeeru, Garam Masala and fry for a minute.
  3. Add the chopped tomatoes and chillis. Fill the empty tomato tin with a quarter of water and add to the pan. Stir well and allow to simmer for 7 minutes.
  4. Add the mince to the mixture and combine.
  5. Season with Salt and Chilli Powder, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove the cinnamon sticks, stir and simmer for a further 15 minutes. 
  6. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  7. When you are ready to eat, make your rice and chapattis.
  8. Reheat the Keema when ready to serve, and garnish with lots of fresh coriander.(If you are adding peas or potatoes to your Keema, now is the time to add them)
Last tip: if you are using ready made chapattis, heat them on a naked flame if you can (useful if you have a gas cooker) for authenticity.


  1. this looks amazing! will try it:)

  2. oh wow - this looks double tasty, definitely going to try this x

  3. I made this tonight and my goodness was it yummy! Very very easy and all the flavours work so well together. I did not have all the ingredients (seeds, cardamom, chili powder) but it was wonderful all the same :) hopefully I will blog about it, linking/crediting here, if thats ok :) big hit!

    1. So pleased you enjoyed it! That's such a good thing about cooking with lots of spices - even if you don't have something, you can throw in something else and still make a tasty dish. Cardamom is well worth buying, though. We get through ours like crazy.


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