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Monday 20 February 2012



This is the noise that I'm going to be making while serving salad from now on. Let's ignore that these little dinosaur salad servers have five legs. In fact, imagine one's a tail. I don't care, I just want to make salad for dinosaurs to play in. It'll look like they're poking their heads out of a little salad jungle. 

I'm certain that you'll eat more salad if you buy these. Or, you'll try and use them in every single meal. I don't think they'd be very helpful with serving ice cream, but it's worth a shot.

They're £18.50 and they're from - where else - the always fabulous Howkapow.


  1. There is a thing about dinosaurs in our house. we even had edward monkton's 'a lovely love story' read at our wedding. It's our anniversary this month so i feel a meal with salad will be in order ;-)

    1. I have that book! It's lovely indeed. Loads of salad recipes on the site to inspire you, Maria!


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