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Wednesday 15 February 2012

Sluttery By Post! Larder Box

A university friend of mine is a Newcastle-based foodie of epic proportions, so when he asked me if I'd like to try mail order food treats from Larder Box, the new outing from the folks at the delicious, northern company Love Your Larder, I just went, "What? Yeah. Brills" without actually paying attention to what it was.

I then forgot that this conversation had happened, so when a lovely box of goodies materialised on my desk at work last week, I thought my wishes had finally been granted and thought-fuelled food teleportation had come into being.


Larder Box packs a selection of epicurean goodies for you and pops it in the mail to you. Mine was greeted by envious, slavering glances from the office thanks to Sheffield Honey Co blossom honey, which I've been eating on my morning porridge, Mortimer Chocolate West African Pure Dark Chocolate Powder (helloooo brownies), Gourmet Spice Co dukka and a little bonus packet of thyme seeds which was a nice touch.

I loved Joe and Seph's popcorn, which I tried in salted caramel - I'm dying to get my hands on their other, odder, varieties - and my total weakness for fruity vinegars meant that during a particularly low point of the afternoon I was actually slurping Womersley blackberry vinegar straight out of the bottle. There was a nice little cloth bag in the box too, which the boys at work have been complimenting me on. That makes me deeply suspicious but hey-ho, it's a great bag.

A six-month subscription to Larder Box costs £16.50 a month including postage, or you can buy a "cancel any time" sub for £19.95. Noms in the post, job done.


  1. Hold up, this is actually amazing. What a lovely idea. CLEVER KATHERINE.

  2. Kat, do you get different surprise things each month?

  3. Ah yes, this would be an example of my thinking something and not Making It Clear. You do indeed get different things each month - the first of the month, in fact!

  4. I was all for doing this for my brother as a gift and if he raved about it, signing up myself. However, there is no option to send it as one-off. If you sign up for the monthly one they say it will be done as a DD until you cancel. I do not like that in the slightest. Shame as everything else about it was excellent so why the need to tie you in?

  5. Wow - thank you so much for the article Kat - it's a great write up.

    @Unbridaled - thank you for the comment - you can actually buy one off boxes from - hope that helps!


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