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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Weekly Wine: Valentine Wine from Some Young Punks

Oh, it's the time of year again, eh? Feb 14th is just around the corner and we're all getting a bit soppy. There's nothing better than sharing a bottle of the good stuff with someone that makes you even giddier than the wine, especially if that wine has a suitably amorous name. Having recently acquired myself a beau, I have been searching for some lovely V-day vino.

I wanted to find something a bit snazzier than Saint-Amour from Beaujolais, or La Vie en Rose from Southern France, and then I stumbled upon Aussie producers Some Young Punks. We mentioned one of their wines - The Squid's Fist - a couple of weeks ago, and I've since had a further look into their range and found some saucy hidden treasures. They're clearly a bunch of old romantics.

Passion Has Red Lips is a silky blend of Cabernet and Shiraz, so it's most likely to give you very red (well, probably more purple) lips indeed. I reckon if you stand as alluringly as the lady on the label, your date probably won't notice. It's £11.95 from N. D John.

If you're feeling less subtle, then how about opening a bottle of Naked on Rollerskates? It's a Shiraz Mataro blend, which sounds unusual but is not disappointing (in fact, Mataro is just another word for Mourvedre, a grape variety familiar with most). The label makes me want to do something romantic and reckless. It's £12.45 from All About Wine.

Fierce Allure is a little more delicate, but should still get your blood pumping. It's a single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives it a strong individual character. It's £17.95 from N. D John. Besides, there's a woman draping herself over a giant tiger head. What's not to love?

Lastly, Lust Collides is perhaps the beefiest of all the wines on offer here, which is appropriate as it has a bull on the label. Dark, savoury and very moreish: an absolute pleasure for you and your Valentine to share. It, too, is £17.95 from N. D John.

What's your choice of Valentine vino? Tell us all about your plans in the comments, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


  1. "having recently acquired myself a beau" ....brilliant!

    I think I definitely need some lusty wine for Valentines Day.

  2. Oohhh, that cab/shiraz blend sounds right up my alley. That, or the lusty lusty bull one. :)


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