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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Three Floor Fashion

For someone who spends far too much time on the internet, I'm not sure quite how I managed to miss out on Three Floor Fashion until now. This online company launched in November last year and I was blissfully unaware of their existence until a very stylish colleague whispered their name in my ear. Now I probably look through their collection at least once a day, trying to work out which of their extremely covetable pieces will be my first buy.

They produce fashionable, cool clothing that looks a lot more pricey than their Oasis-equivalent prices. There's shorts, jumpers and skirts but what really pleases my eyes are their extremely lovely dresses.

This Lemon Aid skater dress is every bit as refreshing as its name suggests. Buy it now for £75 and save it for a summertime special occasion. This dress also does show the downside to lots of Three Floor's designs: they require a certain level of body confidence and some extremely clever underwear choices. If you can work round those issues, truly you'll love this site.

This Sweet Talk satin mini dress, available for £65, is probably one of the most easy to wear of their designs. It's pretty and preppy without being too prim.

This Catch mini dress is a brilliant dress to have some rock n roll fun in. Quite straight looking from the front, it's got a lace panel back for added fun times. It's £68.

And finally, though you run the risk of upsetting the bride and scandalising the relations, I think this would be a beautiful dress to wear to a summertime wedding. It's called the Sugar High dress, makes me think of delightful things like ice-cream and costs £88.

Over a long period of reflection and consideration, I think the black catch mini dress may be my first buy from them, though I could be easily persuaded otherwise. Which is your favourite from their collection? I'd love to know!


  1. I want them all. What an excellent find.

  2. They're all gorgeous but you're right about underwear being tricky. Love the mini dress but I'll need to invest in a decent bra if it's going to be on display *looks at tragic underwear drawer*


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