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Monday 20 February 2012

Sluttery Travels: Gadd's Townhouse, Durham

Gadd's Townhouse. An 18th Century Georgian townhouse hotel in Durham. Or, in Sluttery terms: TAKE ME HERE IMMEDIATELY. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T LIVE HERE?

I do love me a bath in a bedroom.

I'm not totally taken with that carpet, but that bed? Yes please. It's the penthouse so you get stunning views of the river, castle and nearby cathedral.

The garden room has a grass carpet, and a little balcony for sitting on. Oh, and a sauna and hot tub.

This room is so cool - it's themed like an Edwardian train cabin.

Each room is gorgeous (there are eleven to choose from in total) and surprisingly reasonable. Bed & Breakfast starts at £90 per room per night and goes up to £195 per night for the penthouse. Hmmm... eleven rooms, eleven Domestic Sluts. Coincidence? I think not.


  1. saw this on that channel 4 show '3 in a bed' last year. wanted to go ever since.

  2. Daydreaming about this is a pretty fine way to while away the last of winter. The classic dilemma, though - now you're talking about it, everyone will want to go, but I wouldn't have seen it otherwise...!

    1. Oh, I had to make my peace with that trade off a long time ago! Otherwise I'd never get anything written. It's Sluttery karma - we're all about sharing the nice things, then we find even more nice things.

  3. This place sounds familiar, I think the boyf might have mentioned it. It looks rad. I think we might go there this year.


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