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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Phantom swivel chair by Habitat

I must admit that I'd forgotten that Habitat still existed. For shame, because I've lost valuable time that could've been spent plotting on how I could save my pennies and find some space for this ridiculously decadent chair. It's all swooshy and swivelly and velvety and vixeny. It's a chair that demands reclining with a cocktail that was brought to you by your very own butler, while you sift through invitations to parties on yachts and accept diamonds from minor European royalty.

Yep, all that would happen if you had this chair. The only downside to this obviously fantastically viable plan is that you need £1,500 to get it in the first place. Oh.


  1. I am in Chair Heaven! It would SO go with my purple velvet Habitat sofa that I *accidentally* bought whilst drunk in Manchester after a rather wine fuelled lunch. It took 11 weeks to arrive and 2 years to pay off! Love it though :)

    1. Now that is an impressive drunken purchase! I think you need another wine fuelled lunch... ;)


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