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Monday 13 February 2012

Florence The Fox Cushion by Darling Clementine

I'm having a bit of a Scandinavian thing at the moment. I blame BBC4 for showing The Killing and Borgen. I'm sure they have their fair share of awful television too but one of the joys of these shows is how damn stylish all the interiors look. Even the cute stuff is stylish. Take Florence The Fox here. She wears a ruff! And isn't overly twee! She was designed by Darling Clementine who do all kinds of lovely stuff. I like the idea of Florence perching on my sofa though.

The cover fits a 50x50cm cushion and can be yours for £24.95 from Folly

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  1. Scandinavians are so hot right now. And fair enough too - they deserve their time in the sun. They've been quietly cool in my book for a long time.


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