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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Fabulous 50s frocks: Mrs Pomeranz

Though my head is often turned by whatever is being touted as the latest fashion, in my heart I know my figure looks its best in a 50s style dress. Most of the time I choose to ignore this fact, despairing of the fact I'll look like a 50s throwback as everyone round me looks cool in skinny jeans and tees. Then I saw the dresses made by Mrs Pomeranz and promptly started saving my pennies. This London/Russian based designer makes beautiful dresses based on a classic 50s silhouettes but out of modern materials and with subtle twists that make them suitably stylish for twenty-first century young ladies.

Take this oh-so-pretty Summer meadow dress, perfect for some summer loving and with the bonus of pockets for adding some necessary nonchalance. Made from an Italian cotton, she only makes 10 items from any one fabric, meaning your outfit will be that bit more unique. Sadly this comes at a certain price: this dress costs 133 euros. Add on the 16 euros postage and the dress is yours for around £125. (If you are skilled in Russian, order directly from her website, otherwise check out the great - and much easier to navigate - range at Dawanda.)

If you want to go all Mad Men in the office this steel grey full circle dress would be a good investment. It costs £138 off-the-peg, though for a very special occasion you can also buy it (and all of her dresses) made-to-measure. That option would set you back £250. Sadly the wind machine necessary for the fabulous skirt swirl shown above isn't included in that price.

And for further proof of Mrs Pomeranz's marvellousness, take a look at this red cotton dress. Deceptively simple, it comes with two detachable collars so you can adapt it according to your mood or situation or choice of handbag. Very chic and yours for an investment of £150. Now, just go out and party like its 1959 - where's Don Draper when you need him?


  1. Toprunway on eBay will do you made to measure dresses for £55. The styles are very 50s inspired and it's a much cheaper alternative, even if you don't get the cute detachable collar.

  2. Oooh I just repinned one of their dresses on pinterest last night!


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