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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Diamond (ear)rings

These dangly earring are fab. I often can't decide what jewellery I want to wear - do I want rings, or earrings? Or both? No need to decide! Instead I'll just buy these gorgeous diamond ring earrings.

Of course, they're not really diamonds. That would be very lovely indeed, but also way out of my price range. They're design by Parisian designer Benedicte Mouret and everything she produces is a limited edition. As always with my sparkly magpie ways, I like the mix of elegant and quirky in her work. You can buy necklaces to match as well (although I wouldn't wear them all at once, I don't really do the whole matchy matchy thing).

Like these beauties? They're £68 from Amanda at Nonesuchthings.

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