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Monday 20 February 2012

Hush, I'm sleeping

I'm halfway between having a nasty cold and not having one. I've fed myself chicken soup, I've had whisky and honey and I've watched to much trashy telly. Yet still the sneaky cold lingers and I'm sure it's just waiting for when I've got a fun night out planned before it attacks in a full on snotty assault.

So today is a pyjama day. I'm snuggled up in my favourite pyjamas and drinking tea and honey in the hope that if I'm nice to my body and don't do any of the scary tasks on my to do list, I'll be well again by tomorrow.

But I've just noticed that my pyjamas are falling apart a bit. They're not nearly as pretty as there were. If I'm going to be having a sneaky pyjama work day, my first task should probably be to buy some new ones. I've decided on these bird pyjamas from those lovers of the Duvet Day, Hush. Hush are so good at clothes for lounging. The very idea that snuggly 'loungewear' exists warms my cockles. Usually I'm just in a tatty ol' jumper that I nicked from my dad.

The bird print on these pyjamas is so cute and perfect for spring. They're £49.50 and the first thing I've ticked off my to do list this morning.


  1. Oooo so pretty. Have just ordered some lovely things for my honeymoon :) Also:
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  2. I do love Hush pyjamas. I dream of buying myself some one day.

  3. Oh, I know that feeling. I'm having a duvet day right now, feeling exactly like that! I'm in a pair of owl pyjamas, but those ones are gorgeous too. On the wishlist...

  4. You're all giving the thumbs up to Duvet Days. Brilliant. I think this one worked - sniffles begone!


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