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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Valentine Maths: Gold + Chocolate + Secrets = Win

I'm not going to lie to you: I'm sitting here with my tongue lolling out of my mouth like one of those 90s smiley faces.
A chocolate heart covered in gold. Gochocolate! Chogoldate! Neither of those works but...yum.

Whatever Valentine's Day is good for (funny cards, an excuse to hole up at home with an entire chocolate cake to yourself) this hand-made chocolate heart decorated in gold leaf from Melt has just stolen all my attention because it holds a wonderful secret.

What lifts this out of the gutter of gimmickry and into the hallowed realms of truly sublime gimmickry is one really, really cute thing: you can go to Melt on Ledbury Road (anytime) or to their concession in Selfridges, and get bespoke decorations on it. You could have something lovely written on it in gold, or a pretty design.

My favourite option is to have a secret message inserted into the heart. How lovely is that! Write a poem, a silly message or something cute. and the Melt gang will seal it into the heart so it will come as a lovely surprise to whoever you give it to.

The Melt Gold Heart costs £14.50 for a medium size, or £26.50 for a large one. I'd get the large one, really, then you've got a solid gold excuse to share.

Selfridges times at the Melt concession:
Saturday 11th February 1-5pm
Sunday 12th February 1-5pm
Monday 13th February 1-7pm
Tuesday 14th February 1-5pm


  1. You've just stolen what I was going to write about tomorrow. I insist you buy me chocolate hearts now.

    1. *chocolate wouldn't melt expression*

    2. Melt are actually my favourite posh chocolate shop. Their packaging looks like Tiffany boxes.

  2. I loev this idea. It is perfect.


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