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Monday 20 February 2012

Spring Brights at John Lewis

I made the mistake of walking into John Lewis at the weekend. It was only a mistake because I have no money and I generally want at least one thing in there every time I go in. This time I wanted lots of things because, whisper it, but John Lewis have brightened up a bit. I mean, who doesn't want a turquoise frying pan? I certainly do. It's £20.

Of course, then I'd need appropriately colourful utensils to go with it. Like these ones.

They're £7 apart from the tongs which are £8. I like that there's just a splash of colour rather than being completely overpowering.

And because making biscuits or jam tarts sometimes feels like a bit of a chore, having some bright cookie cutters would help cheer me up a bit.

And because they're made from polypropylene rather than metal, I can get The Daughter baking too without worrying she might hurt her hands. They're £4. I feel all spring like just looking at them now!

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  1. My kitchen is filled with colourful kitchenware, I love it all!



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