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Thursday 9 February 2012

Toast It Coasters

I am a coaster freak. I admit it. I am one of those crazy ladies that runs around putting coasters under your cuppa. I get irate when I see a bare glass on the table. I get itchy when I see the potential for cup stains on the side. Yes, I have a problem. But then look at these! Coasters in the shape of toast.

I don't think anyone would think I was a crazy lady for shoving these under their cup. I could disguise my coaster addiction by marvelling at how wonderful these coasters are and "oh, don't you just want to eat them?"

They are wipe clean and made from a thick heat-resistant cork. You can buy them from Presents for Men, but I'm a girl and I'd like them too. They are £10.99 for 8 which is a lot cheaper than having to replace your tea-stained coffee table.

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