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Thursday 16 February 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: I like it here

It's nice when you find a little shop and think to yourself 'I like it here'. I do it with Utility in Brighton and Ryan Town in London. They're nice to walk around, the staff are friendly. They're full of surprising things. It's hard to translate that into an online shop. But the aptly-named online boutique I Like It Here have done a fine job.

Not only is this soap cube stylish, it's made in the traditional Marseilles method and has 72% olive oil in it. That's got to be good for your skin. It's only £4.

I know I can't afford this leather messenger bag (it's nearly five hundred quid). Why are you trying to ruin it for me?

Enamel, animal motifs. I want this entire range (it starts at £15).

That is one very sexy glass decanter. it's vintage and it's £64.

Yep. I really do like it here.

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  1. oh I love Utility, I always go in and look around with wonder, even the outside it perfect, it's hard not to take a photo of it!


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