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Friday 10 February 2012

Sluttishly Tea-Total

We've just been drinking SO much tea of late because a) tea is ace and b) it's been so cold our mugs have doubled as mini hot water bottles for our tap-happy fingers.

So, in homage to all things tea I've been very busy researching all things tea and gorgeousness for your viewing pleasure.

This hilariously unnecessary device enables the lazier amongst us to remove, squeeze and dispose of those ghastly tea bags without having to use a spoon. Thank the lord- another first world problem is solved! Ok, ok, so this isn't really a kitchen necessity, but it's funny and would make a great Valentines gift for someone who has everything.

One of the wonderful things about drinking tea is drinking it not from a chipped mug as you dash out the door to catch your bus but to stop, to sit and ti sip - preferably from something unique, beautiful and elegant. This tremendous 1930s trio is the perfect accompaniment to tea, and the side plate means it would simply be rude not to pop a slice of cake on there. Splendid.Link
This cute little bit of kit is totally adorable. If you love loose tea but want something a little more funky than those teeny tiny granny-style sieves then this wee gadget is perfect! It's so cute, I'd have it displayed in my kitchen even if I didn't drink tea!

Need a little more dino cuteness? Make sure you check out the blog T-Rex Trying for on your tea break.

Finally - and this isn't actually tea, but it's blooming marvellous:

Creative Lighting Artist Wonsik Chae filled a "tea bag" with fluorescent molecules that reacted with a chemical in the cup creating this wonderful light show. Glorious!

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