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Friday 17 February 2012

Sluttishly Sweet: Cookie Stuffed Cookies

This recipe has been floating about for a while, but it's a simply genius concept. First, choose your favourite basic cookie recipe - I suspect this one would work rather well.  

You will need:
  • a quantity of cookie dough
  • a packet of sandwich cookies i.e. two biscuit halves with icing in between - I used Oreos
  • an ice cream scoop
  • chopping board and knife
  • lined baking trays
Make it! 
Preheat your oven according to your dough recipe. Scoop out balls of dough, and place on the chopping board. You'll want to chop each ball in half. 

Next, wrap each dough half securely around the cookie and seal up the edges.  They'll look fairly huge. That's ok, they'll kind of melt down and spread when baking.

See? This is when they've just come out of the oven, baked according to the dough recipe. They're spready. Leave to cool on the tray for 2-3 minutes (the yellow here is a silicon baking mat) and then transfer to a wire rack.

And then.... surprise all your friends. Biscuit inna biscuit. Sugary goodness

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