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Friday 10 February 2012

Dream Dress: Nautical Stripes

I'm a bit of a pattern fiend (we've even made a board in Pinterest, just for my pattern happy whims). I prefer it if they clash (spots and stripes, stripes and flowers, all together if you'll let me) and right now I've got more than a bit of a hankering for nautical stripes. It all started with this Hobbs dress...

Now, this image does nothing for the fabulousness of this nautical stripe dress (this one does). The skirt is all swishy, the cherry stripes cheery and it's just very, very lovely. It's also £129 so I need to find something a little less pricey to fuel my stripe lust.

This is more like it! Perfect stripes and just £48. Nice work, ASOS.

Hello sailor! I love the rope belt detail, it's such a good look. This Rare dress is £39 from Topshop.

Fever have got it bang on, haven't they? Our sponsors always have the very best stuff in their shops, but I'm particularly taken with this. Who doesn't want boats on their sailor dress? The collar makes me smile, too. You might as well buy yourself a sailor hat to do with it. It's £65.99.

Now I need my own yacht. Obviously.


  1. I love the boat dress. I should resist it but don't think I can!

  2. The boat dress is now mine! I really should stop reading your blog, it always makes me buy stuff...

  3. Looks like that boat dress is going to be sold out if Domestic Sluttery readers keep at it!

  4. Really enjoying your Pinterest board by the way - they make me smile! I'm at www.pinterest/mswandas

  5. I am in LOVE with the last sailor dress!!!


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