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Thursday 9 February 2012

Home Springs Eternal

It's at this time of year I feel most taunted by the world of fashion. I spend cold evenings flicking through sunshine filled magazines, I daydream about forcing my goose-pimpled body into pretty pastel sandals or sweet sundresses. I refuse to be fobbed off with the idea that pastel jeans offer the perfect winter to spring clothing option.

This is when I retreat to my home. No matter how dark it is or how many jumpers you are having to dress in, it can always be spring or summer in your home (or indeed Christmas, if you're still refusing to take your decorations down). Here's five colourful, sunshine-inspired home accessories that I hope will see me through the greyest and most boring months of the year.

My first sign of spring? Cherry Blossom. I plan on getting it blooming early with this print from Our Workshop. It's £30.

Possibly the most cheering rug in the world, this mouthwatering design is a surprise find at Marks and Spencer. Prices start at £75.

This mug tree should brighten your way as you're groping for your caffeine fix first thing on a gloomy morning. It's £17 from John Lewis.

If you're lacking in colourful flowers to decorate your home with, try these stunning paper vases instead. A set of three costs 24,76 Euros including delivery from French shop Cachette - that's around £20.

And if the weather isn't letting you wear your summer dresses quite yet, get your colour fix with this pretty apron instead. It's £32 from Anthropologie and - like all these products - is sure to put a spring in your step. as well as bringing it into your home.


  1. I really like that Cherry Blossom print. I am desperate to add some colour to our home and make it feel more like Spring will arrive. It will right?

    The John Lewis Playcation collection and the M&S Spectrum collection are both full of joyful colour at the moment. I want them all. I have no justification to buy them all though.

  2. I'm a big fan of both those ranges too Siobhan - I like anything that will brighten up a winter!

  3. I have the cherry blossom print on a tea towel! It's rad.


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