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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Cool for cats: purr-fect accessories

Bake thempraise themwear them: Domestic Sluttery sure does love its kitty cats. This season, the worlds of fashion and design seem to have caught up with us and our favourite creatures are parading over just about everything. How to enjoy the trend and somehow retain a semblance of cool? Don't wear them all at once for starters, and pick things in the safe shades of black and white. After that, how far you want to push it is up to you - I've ordered this selection of feline accessories to go from the least risky up to those that are just a few whiskers away from being crazy cat lady. Whether that's actually a bad thing is completely your choice.

Keeping it simple to start with. If you've got a sofa but no cat to curl up to, simply fill those lonely days with this silver whiskered cushion from screen-printers Loligo. It's £30.

Less cuddly but sure to add some flavour to your kitchen table are these kitsch kitten salt and pepper pots, only £7.50 from Debenhams.

Feline a bit braver and ready to show your cat loyalties to the world? Hobbs NW3 have done a whole range of cat inspired accessories. This Bella brooch is £29.99.

For some cut price cats, this Dorothy Perkins scarf is only £7. Which leaves spare change for these beauties:

The most daring paws this season will surely be trotting around town in these ASOS PURR suede wedges. For £75 they will hopefully last you nine lifetimes.


  1. Those shoes are fabulous but it's the scarf I'm most taken with. Love it.

  2. Same here, that's gorgeous and a right bargain. Nice finds, Frances!


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